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Imron Polyurethane Coatings are designed to deliver consistent, premium-quality results with superior durability, exacting standards, durability and corrosion protection.

Commercial Transportation

Axalta's Commercial Transportation Coatings used on the production line and in the aftermarket are identical, so their “repair-in-kind” capability makes it easy to achieve an original factory finish that lasts mile after mile.

In fact, thanks to its durability, color selection and gloss, Imron Elite is the choice of five out of six North American heavy-duty truck manufacturers, as well as leading transit bus, coach and other commercial vehicle manufacturers. Shouldn’t their choice be your choice?

Industrial Applications

For decades, Axalta's General Industrial Coatings have provided Coating Solutions That Work for a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Axalta is committed to helping you meet the needs of your most demanding environments, from harsh weather to chemical exposure to wide temperature variation and more.

Designed to be easily applied by brush, roller or spray and available in a wide array of colors and gloss levels, our industrial coatings are formulated to provide superior performance with a long life cycle.

Aviation Coatings & Marine Coatings

Axalta's Aviation Coatings and Marine Coatings are designed to meet exacting standards for appearance, durability and corrosion protection.